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“Dear Diary…” Pole Fitness at Studio Soiree. Week 4.

October 17, 2010

Jesse Week 4

Tonight I went to Beginner 2 Pole Fitness taught by Brianna.  She was so knowledgeable and fun to work with.  She spent an adequate amount of time warming up, which I loved.  One thing I haven’t commented on too much is the type of music we listen to while we workout.  Tonight we listened to “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones (probably my favorite song) and another song called “Breathe Me” by Sia (now one of my faves).  It is very soothing and unwinding to be able to listen to this music.  It helps you to smooth out your moves and give you a rhythm to follow. Like I said earlier about lyrical dancing, you get a little entranced watching an expert pole aerialist balance, grip, and glide around the pole.  If you have any experience with dance, I guarantee that you will love this new form of dance, not only because you will see what I am talking about, but because your body is already more adapted to the kind of moves I have been doing (and yes you women who haven’t danced forever-I’m talking to you!)  Brianna pointed out to me that many women are looking for those toned arms, but don’t really know what it takes to get them.  Besides taking up climbing, pole dancing is the best thing to begin building your upper body strength.

Tonight I went to another Beginner 2 Pole Fitness taught by Kimmy.  I had so much fun tonight!  And I actually did my first shoulder mount!!! Yay!  This is really exciting.  I did notice that Studio Soiree has started changing the names of their moves in order to standardize teaching across the nation (no more “Peek-a-boo-Lunch-Box-Kitty” as was mentioned by one of my teachers.  I have no idea what that move is).  This means that Studio Soiree is using terms more closely associated with gymnastics and ballet to describe what they are teaching.

I do want to take some of your VolitonMag time to complain about something that has always irritated me.  When you come to a class to learn something, STOP TALKING! I cannot stand it when participants in the class don’t listen and talk over the teacher.  It is one of the rudest things I can think of.  It is distracting to the other students and disrespectful to the person who actually took the time to prepare what they were going to teach.  So if you are one of these people, do a little introspection, gain a little humility, and shut up when the teacher is talking.

Let me just say that since I have been going to Studio Soiree, it doesn’t mean I’m ready to quit my day job and start making 3 x the amount of money by using my new skills to my monetary advantage.  I feel so lucky to have been able to learn what I’ve learned and I honestly want to get really good at it so that I can show my husband one day on the pole we buy.  I still do not have any desire to show my naked body to a bunch of random, drunk dudes.

Tonight I noticed that holding my body far away from the pole usually gives me slow momentum, but the closer I am to the pole I spin faster.  Simple physics, right?  Brianna gave me the thumbs up to move onto a Level 3 class, so we will see how I look next class.

Tonight I went to a combo class ranging from skill levels 2-4.  I very much enjoyed myself.  I got some awesome help from a teacher’s assistant named Alexa.  She was so kind as to help me figure my crap out.  We worked on combination moves tonight.  I have, up until this point, focused on mastering one hold and have not tried to move from one to the other.  Needless to say, I looked like a drunken monkey of some sort, but hey, at least I tried.

We learned something called “handsprings” tonight.  Anybody who is not from the pole world knows the term is something you do maybe after a round-off, maybe standing on the sidelines as a cheerleader, or something that sucked to learn because of all the times you fell on your head-my experience.   Pole handsprings involve gripping the pole really low with one hand, higher with the other and pointing your outside leg in front in a tondue position.  You then swing the tondue leg back behind you as hard as you can to end up in an up-side-down position.  The really good girls don’t even stop themselves with the pole, they just have the strength to balance without them.  I could also compare a handspring motion to a “stall” motion.  If you have ever been told to do a cartwheel onto one hand and hold that position in mid-air, you may understand what I’m talking about.


After attending Studio Soiree for one month I decided that I wasn’t ready to stop learning, so I kept going. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  I have made friends and toned my body more than I ever have.  I love the camaraderie I feel with the other students.  Every single girl in the class has the same bruises and calluses you do.  My favorite thing about the students and teachers is how resilient they are.  Without even talking to all of the women there, I know that they all have one trait in common-which I find highly respectable in people-that is how interminable their resolve is.  I know that every woman who consistently takes pole classes has high pain tolerance and never gives up.  In order to be in the advanced classes, you cannot be a pansy girl. It seems like the ARMY would find some perfect recruits at Studio Soiree.

Madison Week 4

This week will be my last writing about Studio Soiree. I have had so much fun, I’m not ready for this experience to be over.

I tested my skill level and finished my week with an Intermediate Pole Fitness: Level 3 class. This class definitely pushed me to the limit when it came to my knowledge of technique and choreography. As always though, the instructor was very accommodating and willing to demonstrate more than once if necessary. Attending this class made me realize that there are still so many ways that I can improve and build upon what I’ve learned.

Looking back, it’s easy for me to see that I’ve gained a significant amount of strength. It’s been so exciting for me to realize that the moves that challenged me during my first week are second nature to me now.

The instructors haven’t let my progress slip past them either. They are so careful to pay individual attention to each student and build a relationship with them.  It’s easy to see that they take genuine enjoyment from the improvement of the students in their classes.

Overall, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Studio Soiree. I couldn’t write a negative review if I tried. And I know that this week does not mark the end of my Pole Fitness regimen. I plan to visit Studio Soiree many times in the future.

In short, I want to express my gratitude to Studio Soiree for the opportunity to work with them and for the chance to grow on a personal level through this experience.

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