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“Dear Diary…” Pole Fitness at Studio Soiree. Week 3.

August 15, 2010

Studio Soiree

Jesse Week 3

March 1, 2010

Tonight I went to Beginner 1 Pole fitness with Sarita.  A very important aspect, that I have forgotten to mention, is all the moves that are required as “fillers” between the big spin moves.

Let me leave you with these lovely phrases:

-Turning around with “Flare”

-Pirouettes (see ladies, once again those dance lessons come into good use)

-Rolling your hips

-Frisking the pole

-Dirty Bridge

-The Pin-Up

-The Rabbit


-Speed Bump

You can either let your imagination run wild and wonder what all these moves mean, or you can see examples here ( ).  I have made it a goal to be better at including these transitions moves.

Since I have started my experience with Studio Soiree, and explained what I have been doing-and enjoying-to people I interact with, I have gotten some mixed opinions on what pole dancing is all about.  I feel like too many women are quick to judge that learning pole fitness is “bad.” This is just the kind of thinking that I want to dispel.  Ladies– if you have a good man, who treats you right, who administers to your emotional needs, who busts his butt at work all day for you, and who you want to keep around forever, then you better access your sensual side one way or another; because men need and crave that “particular” womanly characteristic.  Studio Soiree is a great place to flex that femininity muscle. Even if you do not have a significant other, exploring your feminine sensuality is essential to understanding a huge part of being a woman.  There is so much confidence, self-esteem and power that can be achieved by letting yourself express yourself in this way. Too many women think it is wrong to explore that side of their selves; especially in this culture.  Some women have been taught their whole lives to never indulge in that part of being a woman.  I believe this leads to problems down the road; like when they get married, they feel guilty or dirty and don’t enjoy physical intimacy with their husband.  Anyhoo…In case you are interested in other avenues of sensual expression, Studio Soiree also offers chair dancing classes if you’d like to surprise your significant other.  They will choreograph an entire production for you; and provide you with the music you need.  (I am informed that Studio Soiree is incredibly busy before Valentine’s day.)

March 2, 2010

Tonight I went to a Beginner 2 Pole Fitness and a Pole-ga-lates class right after, both taught by Kimmy.  Pole-ga-lates is a wonderful workout salad of Pole fitness, Yoga, and Pilates, all mixed into one.  Here is what I learned tonight:

A. What a wonderful sight the cottage cheese dimples are that manifest themselves when I am attempting to hold myself solely by the flesh of my thighs and calves (no hands).  Mmmm…. what a glorious display of my legs.  (Thank heaven for the dim lighting.)  You know you are doing it right when you see those.

B. How to do a figure-four hold.  (You cross one leg over the other-around the pole, bend it at a 90 degree angle and rest of the calf over the opposite thigh.  You then hook the pole in your knee crevice and lean all the way back, up-side-down…. No hands!)

C. The Super Girl.  (You cross your legs straight out around the pole – as tight as your inner thigh skin will let you – and lean all the way back with one hand on the lower portion of the pole – and arch your back.)

D. Ouch, my shoulder really hurts and I need to take it easy.

E. Holding warrior one and warrior two for a long time was really hard tonight…. My thighs were BURNING…. Maybe if I did more Pole-ga-lates, I would be able to get a little help with issue “A.” as stated above.

F. How to do the Pole Pilates 100.  (Please see previous Pilates post on if you are unaware of the Pilates 100.)  You wrap your legs around the pole in a figure four and pump your arms.

G. All of the zillion ways you can grip a pole with different parts of your body.

H. I like ending a workout by saying, “Namaste.”  (Said ‘Nom-a-stay,’ and meaning “I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me.”)  This workout gave me a great unwinding cool-down session.

Madison Week Three

When you read through the testimonials on the Studio Soiree website, it quickly becomes apparent that no one walks away disappointed. The page is overflowing with feedback on the aptitude and encouraging nature of the instructors. During my third week at Studio Soiree, I discovered that not one of these reviews is exaggerated!

This week was a slight trial for me because I struggled through the first couple days with some soreness; most likely due to the introduction of so many new exercises in the past two weeks. However, the week also felt like a victory because I saw a marked improvement in my own abilities. It was easy for me to see that I had gained a significant amount of strength. And I was also finding myself to be more flexible.

Throughout the week I attended several of the Beginner Pole Fitness: Level 2 classes. This class expands on the basics learned in the Level 1 and also introduces 14 new moves. This class requires more upper body strength and flexibility than the prerequisite classes. But learning more challenging choreography was incredibly rewarding, not to mention fun!

I also attended several of the Core Pole Fitness classes. These are the only classes at Studio Soiree that men are welcome to attend alongside women. I found it interesting that many of the attendees were avid rock climbers who had found that the techniques taught in this class improved their climbing abilities.

Core Pole Fitness was challenging. I can honestly say that I was beat after the first class, but I didn’t feel overworked. I just had the sense that I had adequately pushed myself. And I will admit that I slept like a rock that night!

It’s becoming very easy for me to see why so many of the attendees at Studio Soiree have been attending long-term. The classes aren’t just a trendy way to add some spice to your fitness routine.  They are fun, exciting, and beneficial to both mind and body.

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