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“Dear Diary…” Pole Fitness at Studio Soiree. Week 2.

July 14, 2010

Studio Soiree

Jesse Week 2

February 22, 2010

I remember when I was around the age of seven and decided to go with my friend to watch her sister dance.   I was absolutely enamored by that experience and knew instantly that my next goal in life was to learn how to move my body like her.  Needless to say, I feel like an uncoordinated little girl again, and all I want to do is figure out how to move like my pole fitness instructors. Tonight I attended a Beginner 2 Pole fitness class taught by Sara.  Oh how great she was!  Sara was very gracious in guiding me with my pole fallacies.  She broke down every move for me and gave me lots of encouragement even when I looked like a flounder trying to mimic her expertise.  One of the main things that I realized tonight was that I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew.  I was trying to experience all of the classes that Studio Soiree has to offer (intermediate and advanced included) but I cannot physically do it….DUH JESSE!  In essence, I have been trying to run before learning to walk.  I most likely will have to stick with the beginner classes for my entire month experience.  Another thing I realized tonight was that learning pole techniques is similar to learning the skills of a gymnast or aerialist like performers in Cirque du Soleil.

As much as you haters hate to admit it, Pole Fitness is very much a talent.  It is so difficult and requires so much strength in all parts of the body! Watching Sara and most of the other class members gracefully move from one hold to the next left me speechless and incredibly envious.

I must say that I did improve a wee bit in my climbing skills and in the “Jazzman” hold.  (By the way you can view all of the moves that I’m learning at .)

February 23, 2010

After tonight’s Beginner Pole 2 class taught by Kimmy, I can honestly say that I have never been this sore in my life.  What you may or may not realize folks, is that if you already have bruises on your legs and feet from the night before, it doesn’t help them feel better if you keep beating them up.  Weird…I know, right?  Every time I have gone to class I have realized just how tough both the students and teachers are.  Their arms are so cut and strong.  It’s easy to understand once you think about it.  We, as women, tend to go to the gym, and if the thought of straying away from the usual cardio workout and trying some resistance training ever enters our thoughts, we pick up the 8 to 15 lb dumbbells and do our nifty sets of twenty “whatevers”– all while patting ourselves on the back because our cute little guns just got a tiny bit more toned.  Never ever have I seen a girl go to the gym and start throwing a 125 to 160 lb weight around in every which way.  I have never used my arms this much in my life.  I have never even thought I had the strength to throw my body around like I have.  I love this new challenge! I must say that I have a good time laughing at myself because I usually end a move by lowering myself with a loud thud – the exact opposite of what I’m supposed to do.

Here is what I feel like I accomplished tonight:  (1) I did a hand stand with my back against the pole and tightly crossed my legs behind it.  (2) Once I knew I had a firm enough grip with my inner thighs/skin I pulled my arms up off the ground (kind of like doing an upside down sit-up) and ended up by “sitting on the bar” (which entails locking your legs in a crossing position and just hanging out with no hands).

Every single hold and spin I have tried has given my abs and obliques the best workout.

February 26, 2010

Tonight I attended Pole Fitness 1-2 with Sara. I learned that Studio Soiree has primarily brass poles with the exception of one spinning chrome pole.  Sara explained that brass is usually stickier, which makes it easier for the student to grip the poles with her hands and legs.  The spinning chrome pole is less sticky and can actually move.  You can clip it down so that it won’t move but when it spins, the dancer is able to do some stunning moves. The chrome pole is the mac-daddy of the poles at Studio Soiree and only very advanced dancers are able to manipulate it in the proper way.  Sara demonstrated what it looks like to perform on this pole, and it honestly looks like a lyrical dance.  (Wikipedia definition: Lyrical dance is a dance style that combines elements of ballet, modern, and Jazz dance techniques. The goal of a lyrical dancer is to use gesture, facial expression, and controlled movements in order to execute their movements and emotions fully. Lyrical dance typically encourages use of articulation, line, weight, and movement qualities in a fluid or graceful manner.)  I also learned tonight that much like purchasing a tennis racquet with differing grip sizes, you can also purchase poles according to how wide around you want it.  Fascinating! Who knew that there were so many technical and dancing possibilities with a metal rod attached to the floor and ceiling?

Tonight we worked on the shoulder mount.  This seems to be the hardest thing for me right now.  You place your back against the pole and grip the pole above your head to pull your body upside down against the pole.  One of my goals is to get this before my time is up.  Another thing we worked on was inversions.  You grip the pole with one hand above your head and the other below.  You then kick your legs up and over your head so you are up-side-down.  View this.   Once you are there you can do any number of things but we just focused on achieving the butterfly.  While up-side-down, you grip the pole with one foot and dangle the other one behind you (pointed toes of course) and extend your bottom hand lower to the ground so as to push yourself off.  I could barely hold this, but at least I figured it out.

Madison  Week 2

I started this week off by attending a Tribal Belly Dancing class on Saturday morning. Kairo teaches this class and has been belly dancing for over ten years.

She starts her classes off with a quick warm up and some funky music. It’s easy to see that Kairo wants everyone to relax and feel comfortable in her classes.

During class we learned some basic belly dancing choreography. Kairo made it a point to explain the origin and history of each section of choreography. She was also very patient, making sure that everyone felt solid before we moved onto a new set of steps.

I also attended several sessions of the Beginner Pole Fitness: Level 1 class. This is where I learned the basic safety rules and fundamentals required for more advanced pole choreography.

Level 1 classes start off with some stretching and a quick review of the things we learned in the prerequisite class, Intro To Pole. Then the instructors jump right into teaching new techniques.

It’s apparent that the instructors at Studio Soiree enjoy their jobs. They all have positive attitudes and are quickly willing to give extra attention to anyone who is struggling to learn a new move.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time this week at Studio Soiree!  Each day as I leave the studio, I’m left wondering, “Can you really call something a workout if it’s this much fun?”

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