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Chatroullette Poll…URKEL OR MR. BELVEDERE?

March 2, 2010

OK … I saw chatroullette on Tosh.0, which is one of the funniest shows on TV and it looked hilarious.  So for the record most of chatroullette is seeing the many, many disappointed faces that you are not a topless woman.  By the looks on their faces they are used to rejection and disappointment.

So I thought I would ask the world the most important question … URKEL OR MR. Belvedere?

Urkel won with 73% of the votes and Mr. Belvedere received 23% of the votes and wtf received 4% of the votes.

This dude was hilarious!! He is a cat!!!

click read the rest of this story for more screen shots.

HA!!! WTF is Urkel!!! Seriously! Where was this guy when TGIF was on?

This guy enjoyed the question and/or thought of Mr Belvedere way too much!

I actually felt bad for this dude ... because he looks like Urkel! And no not all black dudes look a like. Maybe all black dudes with glasses look a like though! You tell me.

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