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“Dear Diary…” DASH Fitness. Week 4.

January 4, 2010


2005 E. 2700 S.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Their website explains exactly what DASH stands for: Determination, Attitude, Strength and Heart.  DASH Fitness Studios came to fruition by the hard work of Lacey Bruschske and Erin Wathen.  DASH is a studio entirely devoted to group fitness.  This gym is perfect for people who find greater motivation in group settings and incur the benefits of an instructor encouraging them for the entire workout.

I first became acquainted with DASH Fitness Studios when I was invited to attend the launch of a new fitness workout being introduced called Zumba.  Taught by Emily Green, this class was one of the most fun workouts I have had in a long time.  The entire class involves high-paced, upbeat, Latin music, and it’s all about shakin’ it.  My heart rate was up the entire time.  The class involves relatively easy dance moves repeatedly performed throughout each dance track.  The teacher was very encouraging and positive.  One of the things which I loved was how they would dim the lights for different music tracks to change up the ambiance.  Probably my favorite thing, which loved, was how much fun everybody was having.  Many people may be initially intimidated to attend a class like this, knowing it is based primarily around easy dance choreography, but every person there–regardless of their skills–was lowering their inhibitions and not worrying about what they looked like next to the person standing next to them.  It was more like going to a Latin club and dancing with your friends, all while getting a great work out.  After that class I knew Dash Fitness Studios would be a great candidate for “Dear Diary.”  The foyer of the studio is decorated in young modern colors and furniture and the actual workout space is wide open, with clear views of the instructors from all angles.  I look forward to my adventure with DASH Fitness Studios.

Jesse.  Week 4.  “Dear Diary…”

November 23, 2009, Body Combat with April and Jose

I attended a Body Combat class with April and Jose.  If you have ever wondered what it would be like to get exercise by pretend fighting, you should definitely try a Body Combat class.  Out of all of the classes I have taken, I am probably out of my comfort zone the most with this class.  Maybe it’s because in the middle of kicking…. yelling “HA”…. and then throwing a right hook, I look at myself in the mirror….. and instead of seeing Bruce Lee… I see me.  I instantly start laughing at myself and feel my face getting even redder than it already was.  I guess I just feel like this weak, un-coordinated girl pretending to be tough.  Once you get past the initial feeling of chagrin, you can start to focus on the moves and on memorizing the sequences.  April was kind enough to complement me on my bootie shakin’ skills, once she instructed the entire class to shake it in the middle of a sequence… yeah… that’s right… Even if I do look pretty stupid at least I can work it out with my butt.  In all seriousness, my arms were dead! by the time class was over.  Who knew punching that many times and in that many different ways could make your arm muscles that sore.  Maybe it’s because I am OCD or something, but I wish I had known the proper hip placement for my side kicks.  Like whether or not I’m supposed to open up my hips (in dance, most of your kicks require you to open your hips) or turn in my leg and kick with my I.T. band on top.  I also was unsure if I was punching correctly.  But at least I had a really great time.  Both April and Jose were very relatable and energetic.

Foam2 F.I.T.

A class that DASH recently added to its repertoire is called Foam2 F.I.T.  It focuses primarily on active recovery.  Since recovery is a limiting factor in pursuing physical fitness, (all that workin’ out results in some pretty sore body parts) I think this class is hugely beneficial.  Class participants use an SMR Roll (Self-Myofascial Release), which is a self-massaging technique used to decrease muscle imbalances.  It literally is a giant foam cylinder that is stiff enough to dig deep into your muscles.  Your stretch is accomplished by the weight of your own body.  After doing some light internet research, I discovered that muscle imbalances are commonly caused by repetitive movement patterns such as lifting packages all day at work, sitting for long periods of time or poor posture. Performing the same exercises over and over again when “working out” can also cause muscle imbalances. When muscle imbalances are not corrected with activities like SMR or static stretching the result is often muscle injury, joint and or back pain. Basically, this class helps to maximize your results if you are attempting to reach peak physical fitness.

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