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“Dear Diary…” Dash Fitness. Week 2.

December 9, 2009

2005 E. 2700 S.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Their website explains exactly what DASH stands for: Determination, Attitude, Strength and Heart.  DASH Fitness Studios came to fruition by the hard work of Lacey Bruschske and Erin Wathen.  DASH is a studio entirely devoted to group fitness.  This gym is perfect for people who find greater motivation in group settings and incur the benefits of an instructor encouraging them for the entire workout.

I first became acquainted with DASH Fitness Studios when I was invited to attend the launch of a new fitness workout being introduced called Zumba Taught by Emily Green, this class was one of the most fun workouts I have had in a long time.  The entire class involves high-paced, upbeat, Latin music, and it’s all about shakin’ it.  My heart rate was up the entire time.  The class involves relatively easy dance moves repeatedly performed throughout each dance track.  The teacher was very encouraging and positive.  One of the things which I loved was how they would dim the lights for different music tracks to change up the ambiance.  Probably my favorite thing, which loved, was how much fun everybody was having.  Many people may be initially intimidated to attend a class like this, knowing it is based primarily around easy dance choreography, but every person there–regardless of their skills–was lowering their inhibitions and not worrying about what they looked like next to the person standing next to them.  It was more like going to a Latin club and dancing with your friends, all while getting a great work out.  After that class I knew Dash Fitness Studios would be a great candidate for “Dear Diary.”  The foyer of the studio is decorated in young modern colors and furniture and the actual workout space is wide open, with clear views of the instructors from all angles.  I look forward to my adventure with DASH Fitness Studios.

“Dear Diary.” Jesse. Week 2:

November 9, 2009, Body Pump with Angela and April

I went to another Body Pump class taught by April and Angela.  This class was packed!  It is obvious that this class is a favorite for members.  I was so amazed at the variety of people who attended this class.  There were women ranging from their late 50s to early 20s, as well as men of all ages – including a college-aged, football lookin’  guy.  Body Pump is an exceptional class in that people who attend have the ability to customize it towards their own individual needs.  For example, the older women used lighter weight to maintain their strength whereas the college-aged-jock-guy was definitely lifting as much weight as possible to increase in strength.  This is a perfect class if you want to have someone guide and push you to excel in your weight-lifting goals.  Many women I know think that all they need to do is cardio to have a healthy exercise regiment.  But in reality adding weights to your workout routine will boost one’s weight loss results dramatically.  I have also heard the excuse that women don’t want to get bulky arms.  Body Pump is entirely based around lots of repetitions.  So it’s perfect!  All you have to do is keep your weight relatively low.  Plus, what woman wants the “Relief Society arms?”  Both April & Angela were constantly checking for proper placement of the bar, which I appreciated.  They are always looking to reduce the chance for injury.

November 11, 2009, Body Step with Kristi and April

I have not taken a step class in a very long time. Needless to say, I am sure I looked pretty foolish.  Kristi and April amazed me the entire class!  To be able to teach the quick steps, all while encouraging each other and the class, is a true talent.  They began the class by going over proper technique when using risers.  Many people have complained that step class hurts their knees, but the best way to overcome that is to stand closely to the board, and when stepping up, to make sure your entire foot is planted on the board.  Proper technique is essential to becoming successful at Body Step.  What is so great about Body Step is that it really is fun.  You forget that you are getting your heart rate up and that you are actually working because the steps make you forget all of that.  I felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment when this class was over–similar to the feeling of randomly breaking out into a choreographed dance with all my co-workers at Kellerman’s Resort, stuck it to the establishment, told old conservative dad that “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” and danced my heart out to I’ve had the time of my life. Yeah… that sounds about right.

November 11, 2009, Obsidian 50+ & Beginner with Pat

Pat was an absolute delight to have as a teacher.  I would recommend this class for anybody who is looking to jump back into the fitness world.  She was so relatable and kind and definitely knew what she was talking about.  I really felt like she genuinely had a vested interest in each person in her class.  Obsidian 50+ & Beginner was a modified version of the original Obsidian class but not by much.  Many people make those New Year’s resolutions, buy a gym pass, and just go and run on the treadmill or ride the bicycle, or pump the “Chick-i-sizer” (my husband’s term for the Elliptical), and usually don’t see results. They then give up all over again.  I would definitely recommend Obsidian to everyone trying to lose weight because it requires your ENTIRE body to be engaged for an hour.  Your body experiences muscle confusion, thus leading to greater results.  Muscle confusion is ensuring you have a variety in your workouts. This includes a variety of sets, reps, exercises, rest periods, etc.  Muscles should never be allowed to acclimate to the point where the exercise is ineffective.  If you have ever seen a person who just runs everyday and nothing else and is still overweight, the lack of muscle confusion could be a factor.

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