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“Dear Diary”: Dash Fitness. Week 1

November 24, 2009

2005 E. 2700 S.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Their website explains exactly what DASH stands for: Determination, Attitude, Strength and Heart.  DASH Fitness Studios came to fruition by the hard work of Lacey Bruschske and Erin Wathen.  DASH is a studio entirely devoted to group fitness.  This gym is perfect for people who find greater motivation in group settings and incur the benefits of an instructor encouraging them for the entire workout.

I first became acquainted with DASH Fitness Studios when I was invited to attend the launch of a new fitness workout being introduced called Zumba.  Taught by Emily Green, this class was one of the most fun workouts I have had in a long time.  The entire class involves high-paced, upbeat, Latin music, and it’s all about shakin’ it.  My heart rate was up the entire time.  The class involves relatively easy dance moves repeatedly performed throughout each dance track.  The teacher was very encouraging and positive.  One of the things which I loved was how they would dim the lights for different music tracks to change up the ambiance.  Probably my favorite thing, which loved, was how much fun everybody was having.  Many people may be initially intimidated to attend a class like this, knowing it is based primarily around easy dance choreography, but every person there–regardless of their skills–was lowering their inhibitions and not worrying about what they looked like next to the person standing next to them.  It was more like going to a Latin club and dancing with your friends, all while getting a great work out.  After that class I knew Dash Fitness Studios would be a great candidate for “Dear Diary.”  The foyer of the studio is decorated in young modern colors and furniture and the actual workout space is wide open, with clear views of the instructors from all angles.  I look forward to my adventure with DASH Fitness Studios.

“Dear Diary” Jesse.  Week 1.

November 2, 2009, Kristi and April, Body Pump

I went to a Body Pump class taught by Kristi and April.  I loved how these two instructors were instantly very personable and remembered everybody’s name, including mine, the newcomer.  They also incorporated changing the lighting to transform the atmosphere between each lifting track.  They were great at properly demonstrating the techniques to participate in Body Pump.  I loved this class!  What a great way for both men and women to get in the proper amount of arm strength exercises.  I was definitely feeling how hard I worked once I was finished with the class.

November 4, 2009, Lacey and Erin, Obsidian

I attended a class, exclusive to DASH Fitness Studios and taught no where else in the world.  The class titled Obisidian is one of the main reasons why Lacey Bruschke and Erin Wathen founded DASH Fitness Studios.

Obsidian is a slide-ee black board that you stand on and you put booties over your shoes. (Imagine sliding across the kitchen floor in socks.  Like Tom Cruise in Risky Business-no whitey tighties please.)  You start off the class – warming up on the board by sliding from the right foot to the left foot and back, (which ends up working your T-bands which hardly ever get worked out with traditional exercises.)  The Obsidian board emphasizes the same concept as free weights versus using a machine.  Using free weights requires you to not only move the weight from point A to point B but also  to use your stabilizer muscles, thus making your core work harder. A machine, however, just has you move from point A to point B.  I think Lacey and Erin wanted to come up with a way to work your lower body in the same way; thus Obsidian was born.

When you are doing normal lunges you have the floor as a resistance, but when you do lunges on the Obsidian board, you have to focus on keeping your feet in place and lunging at the same time.  You stand on the board, lunge to the right, then pop up to center, then lunge to the left, and repeat.  Other things they teach on the Obsidian board are hamstring curls.  Hamstring curls involve lying on your back with your knees in the air and feet on the board.  You then continue to slide your feet away from the body then back in towards your butt; all while keeping your gluts tight and raised off the ground.  Wow!  I have never felt anything quite like that!  At one point in the exercise we put slide-ee gloves on our hands and did in-and-out pushups.  I really have not worked out like that before.  I remember one thing that Lacey told me: “This workout is more for results than for fun. You will see results if you continue to do the Obsidian workout.” I definitely believe her.  Not only because of how I felt during and after the workout but also because of the strong following of both women and men who have seen the benefits and are constantly going to this class.

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