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Kyle Korver; Carrot Top look-a-like? You be the judge!

November 23, 2009

Some have been amazed over the comparison of Kyle Korver and Teen Wolf, and yes that was pretty terrific, but I need to apologize to anyone that may be offended by this next comparison, brought to my attention by a softball teammate.  I hate to admit that he is right.  I honestly hoped I would never have this person’s face on anything associated with me, but the news is news.

Yes…Kyle Korver, after you get past the hair, kind of looks like Carrot Top.

I am sorry so sorry.
I am sorry, so sorry.

Once you get past the hair, make-up and the sheer annoyance of this person, you too will notice a resemblance.  Funny, no one ever mentions the comparison between Carrot Top and Kutcher… Korver must be the missing link.  And I thought I wasn’t good at Science.

If that didn’t help… Maybe this will

Now do you see?
Now do you see?

Carrot Top is an idiot…you wouldn’t think it would take too long to find a picture of someone not looking like, well, an idiot, but it was painful with this guy.  I would rather have looked for Gallagher the watermelon smasher, at least I would have been entertained.

By Chad Phillips

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