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Kyle Korver; Teen Wolf look-a-like? You be the judge!

November 22, 2009

I am sick of the Kyle Korver/ Ashton Kutcher comparison.  They look they might have grown up in the same state compared to the comparison of when Michael J. Fox, or “Scott Howard,” turns into the “Teen Wolf” (T.W.) for the first time.

Which one of these looks like the Korver?
Which one of these looks like the Korver?

Not only could “Scott Howard”, for that split second he is turning into T.W., and Korver be identical twins but, get this, they both play basketball.  The only difference between the two is when Scott Howard is the wolf he does a wicked around the back to layup.

If Energy Solutions arena (still Delta Center to any true Jazz fan … screw nuclear waste)  chanted “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” there is like a 15 percent chance he will, as boy wizards put it, “change over” … or at very least breakdance with the black kid next to his locker.

It doesn’t end there…check out the socks…BOOM!

Conspiracy...probably, just like Larry H. Miller's elbows.

Article: Chad Phillips

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