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This is the Place Park for a Literally Haunted Village

October 18, 2009

assignment 4 045

Haunted 052

This is the Place Haunted Village, one of many possible stops on the list of the many different haunted houses, mazes, and forests that litter the state of Utah.  I think most folks would have a common misconception of going to a haunted This is the Place. They may think it’s  lame and not scary at all.  This is the Place is typically meant to entertain families and church groups.  Not the case here m’friends! This is the Place has everything any other haunted house boasts about and more.

The main factor that makes This is the Place Park the Halloween event that will make you pucker your pooper, is that it’s all about the atmosphere to set the mood right-terrifying.  You’re not just in a building or field the whole time but follow a trail that takes you through old pioneer style cabins, barns, orchards, trenches, and forests with haunting themes.  The Village is probably twice as long as the average haunted house and it may be the only place that actually has legitimate claims of really being haunted.  The Haunted Village walk-through is also set up in a way where you are separated enough from others so that you and your date, group or whatever, will feel like you are out there all alone.   Feeling like you’re alone in this haunted village  was very cool and very creepy.

So go check out The Haunted Village, at This is the Place Park.  Get a little local history while enjoying a good scare.  There are special daytime “Little Haunts” for the youngsters October 24th and 31st but leave those kiddies at home for the Haunted Village unless you want to be cleaning out an extra pair of pantaloons, besides your own. Happy Halloween!

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  1. August 27, 2010 5:56 PM

    Man that looks like a great haunt! I will have to try and drop by and see it this year! I have always loved going to haunted houses since I was a kid and man this one looks amazing! I wish that there were more pictures for me to see what else is there. Thanks for the review! I really enjoyed it a lot!

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