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Odyssey Dance Company Fights Hunger with THRILLER

October 14, 2009

The Capitol Hill Chapter of Kiwanis International and Utah Food Bank are partnering with Odyssey Dance Theatre to help the hungry in Utah. On the nights of October 15th and October 22nd patrons can bring a bag of non-perishable baby food items to Kingsbury Hall and save 20% on two tickets to Odyssey Dance Theatre’s Halloween Spectacular Thriller!

Odyssey Dance Theatre’s (ODT) presentation of Derryl Yeager’s “Thriller” was wildly entertaining.  With no idea what to expect, and having heard rumors that it was an hour and a half rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, which it was not, ODT put on a flawless night of entertainment. 

The opening scene, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, beautifully set the tone of the night.   The curtains opened to display an empty graveyard with a thick fog blanketing the stage floor, the music started and Zombies burst from the graves.  Quickly joined by a hoard of other Zombies, the one who stole the scene was Tristan Gray, a boy in his early teens, who popped and locked like the fifth Jackson, himself.

The choreography, throughout, was beautiful, mesmerizing, scary, sexy, and at times … hilarious.  Between each intense production was a brief comedic skit including, Lorena Bobbitt’s greatest hits, Bubbles the Clown, and my favorite, Sugarplum’s Finale, where a ballet dancer tip-toeing beautifully to The Nutcracker’s Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy is abruptly gunned down by Bubbles himself.

Photo courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

Photo courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

Odyssey’s set design was immaculate, simply intricate and beautifully cohesive with the each production.  The special effects, and there were plenty of them, were mind-boggling.  During “ Dem Bones” one of the tap dancing skeletons is, seemingly, ripped a part and his head floats around and drops at as the music ends.

Get your tickets before they are gone and make a night out of it, the dancers are fantastic and intriguing.  The Lost Boys scene, yep a rendition of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman’s 1989 vampire cult classic, was worth the price of admission by itself.  Those dudes defied gravity with their back flips; I think they really are vampires.  Happy Halloween!

Photo courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

Photo courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

Photo Courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

Photo Courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

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  1. Mindy permalink
    October 24, 2008 2:47 PM

    I completely agree with you. My husband and I are going to the show tonight and I cannot wait! This will be the fifth time we’ve gone to see the show over the past 8 years. My husband and I love the performances so much, we’ve made “Thriller” a Halloween tradition.
    All the dancers are extremely talented and the choreography is exquisite! You can’t help being swallowed up into the performance. It’s a wonderful mix of dance, music, humor, special effects, fright and more. It always gets us into the Halloween spirit.
    This is really a show that should not be missed!

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