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Black Island Farms. You May Pee in Your Pants.

October 10, 2009

Black Island Farmstwilight

During the summer of ’08, I was riding my bicycle around late one dark night when I decide to cut across the Barnes & Noble parking lot.  My eyes widened in disbelief as I gazed upon a sea of people, girls in fact.  What kind of hellish cult is this? “It’s nearly midnight!  What are they doing here?” I thought, as I slowed until I was barely rolling.  Keenly weaving around packs of prepubescent females was terrifying and I did my best not to make eye contact.  Midway through the crowd, my curiosity overpowered my trepidation.  “So what are you all doing Black Island Farms 001here?,” I whispered to one little girl who looked not quite as threatening as the others.  “The new Twilight book comes out tonight.”  Twilight?  I’ve heard that name before. “Vampire stuff?”  “Yeah.”  Curiosity satisfied, I peddled the heck out of there.

Black Island Farms 002

I’m not knocking Twilight.  I’ve never even tried it.  I do understand a few people seem to enjoy the books and movie (soon to be movies).  Black Island Farms also understands the fact that this Twilight thing is hip n happenin’.  Thus, they created an enormous corn maze (largest in Utah) designed to salute Jacob and Edward, stars of Twilight.

Black Island Farms is a farm in Syracuse turned Scary Adventure Land of Vegetables, as I call it.  Not only do they have a corn maze inspired by Twilight but they also have a genuinely scary haunted house.  An employee boasted of their people-pee-count being nine.  That means nine people that night got so scared they peed their pants.  I like the statistics these people keep.  Touring through the haunted house is creepy, startling, and terrifying.  Meandering in the moon’s shadow amidst the tall stalks of the corn maze was fun, challenging, and nostalgic.

More Reasons to Visit Black Island Farms:

  • Learn about agriculture and farmland preservation
  • Farmers Market
  • HayridesBlack Island Farms 003
  • Straw Mountain
  • Animals
  • Kiddie Coral
  • Corn Canyon
  • Slides

With all these activities, night or day, you won’t get bored.  Wear some old sneakers in case it’s a bit muddy.  And don’t forget to get a pumpkin on your way out.  Happy Halloween!

Black Island Farms 005

Black Island Farms

3178 S. 3000 W.

Syracuse, Utah

801.774.MAZE (6293)

Photos by Robert Call

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