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Off Broadway Theatre: Forever Dead

October 1, 2009

foreverdead1Off Broadway Theatre 9.25.2009-10.31.2009

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit then to have a sing-a-long with Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy? Thanks to Off Broadway Theatre’s (OBT) Forever Dead you can have it all. OBT is a comedy theatre group home to the improv troupe Laughing Stock. As the nature of the acting group is heavily improv based, the scripted performances are also heavy on improvisation and witty spoofs. Everything in their season consists of original comedies drafted for the very players and audience goers seeking such goofy yet fun-loving entertainment. And Forever Dead, the brain child of OBT’s founder Eric Jensen, proves to be everything OBT aspires to be.foreverdead2

The show is essentially about these four token monsters— Bloods (Scott Bahlmann), Frankie (Eric Jensen), Barky (Jim Hardwick), and Sphinx (Joel Hanson)— coming together in the after life to form a make-shift singing group a la Forever Plaid style. Through modified oldies such as “Your anger” based on “Earth Angel”, these Halloween terrors reveal the individual stories they harbor and have themselves a monster mash at the same time. Other delightful songs include a mummy spoof of “My Boyfriend’s Back” with the title of “My Girlfriend’s Wrapped”, a show stopping version of “Purple Rain” sung by Frankie as “Normall Brain”, and my personal favorite from the quartet—“Bomummian Wrapsody” based on none other than “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The four actors were playful, and the dialogue was witty including a joke at the expense of Yoko Ono that kept me rolling in the aisles. Seriously.

Article by Meggan Steffensen

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