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The Living Planet Aquarium

September 16, 2009


The Living Planet

725 E. 10600 S. Sandy, Utah
801.355.Fish (3474)

I entered the Living Planet Aquarium with a negative attitude about going, the first time some years ago I visited I was unimpressed, so this time around my expectations were low.  After this visit I was very happy to report that they have totally redeemed themselves to a place I would be happy recommend to family and friends.


Caution! Sting Ray killed Steve Irwin

A walk through the facility will take you down different hallways to begin your underwater experience.  We began in the local Utah underwater wildlife exhibit. The amusing décor makes the environment come to life for a much more entertaining effect as you view and learn what is going on under the water in Utah. You will pass by booths set up for up-close encounters and education:  animals like water snakes handled by experts allow you to touch and hold them yourselves.  Other local fish and creatures surround you throughout the exhibit enclosed in amusing display.aquarium3

Some horses on the prarie

Some horses on the prarie


As you move through and enter the ocean exhibit, the lights dim to help the natural beauty of the brightly colored fish and creatures become a much more intimate and animated experience.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the ocean exhibit. It helped my experience feel like I was right in the water with the fish.  Along the way, the aquarium offers a unique experience of actually touching the sting rays and feeling the slick, rubbery texture of that elegant animal. It’s quite fun. And the children around seemed to love it. (check the Living Planet Aquarium’s website for feeding times for the stingrays as well).aquarium2

Sure must be boring swimming around a pole all day

Sure must be boring swimming around a pole all day

The new exhibit, and my personal favorite, is the Journey to South America. This exhibit is displayed with incredible detail that swallow you up in the underwater jungle experience.  There are slews of great animals: poison dart frogs, anacondas, alligators, and piranha. My personal favorite was the electric eel. The eel had a very cool set-up. You can see, and even feel, the voltage it puts out at any given time of the day through a scale that is in the tank with the eel. The voltage then registers on a display set up for you to see how much electricity is being produced. The eel has the ability to produce up to 500 volts.  We were even so lucky to see the little guy get a bit upset and its electricity lit up the scale. Very exciting!aquarium9

My recommendation is to come early when it opens. It will make a big difference on your viewing pleasure as the crowds of children pile up in front of the tanks at the busy times of the day, making it a bit obnoxious for others. But the morning was great. There is also a café to enjoy a nice meal and perhaps a souvenir from the gift shop for the kids.aquarium6

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