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Castle of Chaos: Will You Sign the Waiver?

September 9, 2009

Drenched in blood with a knife placed against my neck while being pinned against a bloodstained wall by a backwoods hillbilly I could hear, in the distance, screams over the distinctive growl of a chainsaw.

Castle of Chaos, located at 3300 S 120 W in Salt Lake City, definitely gives you your money’s worth … in blood.  With three avenues to explore, all differing in theme and scare-factor, the Xtreme is one to be hailed.

I should have known something was up. Since when do Haunted Houses have bathrooms?  The blood spatter on my face looked like I just hacked someone to pieces.  Impressive.

“Will you sign the waiver?”  This is the catchphrase Castle of Chaos hopes will catch on, and rightly so, since many perks come with a signed waiver.  For three dollars more, and the waiver, they outfit you with a bright yellow poncho, so the actors know you signed the waiver, and, to the actors delight, they can touch you and drench you in blood.

Blood is awesome!

The poncho treatment is a bargain since it intensifies the experience ten-fold.  For those with a weak stomach, there is a flashlight option.  If you get too scared you can shine the light, attached to a necklace and the actors will back off and check if you need assistance.

The attention to set-detail was astounding.  The bloody redneck doll head room, followed by a hillbilly kitchen with a sink filled to the brim with blood (poncho hood on, if your smart), and the backwoods bedroom (looked like the last Super 8 I stayed in) are so vivid they will haunt you for weeks.

Nearly as impressive is their ability to induce claustrophobia to even the boldest patron.  The only way out of one maze is through a small crawl space with, what I like to call, an inflatable butt crack.  The butt crack consists of two enormous inflatable walls sandwiched together that you have to struggle through, like quicksand, in order to get to the other side.  And without giving anything away, if you have ever feared being buried alive … buckle-up.

He get’s this chainsaw so close to your face you can feel the heat from the blade.

The others:

If you want slightly less scare (still scary) than the Xtreme, stick around and explore the remarkably impressive 3-D set up.  You will find yourself entranced by the actors face makeup.  You explore the laboratory of an evil Dr who is trying to find the elixir to ever-lasting life and apparently things went horribly wrong.  Bravo!

And for the Daters and families there was an equally impressive vampire murder mystery.  You must run room-to-room interviewing vampires and looking for ingredients, weapons and resources to aid you in killing the evil Count Von Straum. I must say, the actors in this attraction were top-notch.

Tickets start at $12.  Visit for more info.

Murder Mystery … I have to brag that team Volitionmag won the prize.  Incredibly amusing.

Clowns?  F— Clowns! Clowns aren’t scary; Hillbillies are frightening.

Look at this make-up.  That is either one F—ed up dude or one hell of a makeup artist on staff.

Article and photography by Chad Phillips

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Sara permalink
    October 9, 2008 11:17 PM

    DUDE!!!! My boyfriend and i are going to this on wednesday… I think i’m going to pee my pants;) haha

  2. September 27, 2009 2:40 PM

    Omg i am going tonight and i am soooooooooo freaking scared!! AHHH DO YOU HAVE TO GO IN ALONE!?

  3. Randomosis permalink
    September 28, 2009 9:25 PM

    You went this weekend? That means we have met before, I’m one of the actors.

  4. BOO permalink
    October 3, 2009 1:53 AM

    I will do my best to scare u all my entire best, I am dedicated to scare….

  5. September 9, 2010 1:10 PM

    The Castle of Chaos is a great haunt, another great one as well is the Haunted Forest in American Fork. People need to come check it out. Totally worth the time and effort to go and see. They have been scaring people for over 20 years and man each year with the new things that they bring in, it gets pretty intense!

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