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Dear Diary: Centered City Yoga. Week #4. “Namaste.”

August 30, 2009


Place: Centered City Yoga

Location: 918 E. 900 S. Salt Lake City, Utah (801) 521-yoga (9642)

“Centered City Yoga 9th and 9th studio will be closed on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7), except for one class WITH D’ANA. The two hour class will start at 9 am, and will include pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation, and a few yoga poses. Cost is $20 per person. EVERYONE can do this class!!!”


yoga_1I recently attended a Power 1 Yoga class right when I got off work on Friday.  What a great way to finish the work week and start the weekend!  Scott Moore taught the class and he began by instructing us all to think of our intent or what we were hoping to get out of our class today.  He said to hold that in our minds and concentrate on it throughout the whole class.  It could range from something really deep like; dealing with the loss of a loved one or finding solutions to relationship problems or something not-so-deep, like; “I want to de-stress” or “I want to get a good workout.”  The thing I liked about Scott was he gave us a sequence of poses and then repeated them several times, as well as added on material to those same pose sequences.  I believe that I liked Scott’s method so much because that is the way I learned to move my body and develop my coordination for most of my life.  He broke down all the poses and the ways to get into each of them and then showed us how it was supposed to look like as all the poses flowed together; just like dance.

By having a routine that I could memorize, I began to stop worrying about watching him and other students, (because I already knew what was coming next), and I began focus my attention more on my balance and body and trying to master each pose.

yoga_5I encouraged two of my friends to come with me to that class; one who had taken Yoga before and one who was a Yoga virgin.  Honestly, if one has never been before, you can’t really know what to expect because Yoga is unlike any other workout you could ever experience.  Yoga differs because it really encourages you to include your mind in what your body is doing.  Many people go to the gym and have to be distracted just to get through an hour workout; mostly through the use of Ipods or the Television (I am one of those people, so I’m not hatin’ or anything).  I do believe that Yoga enables you to have a more fulfilling experience while exercising and improving your body.  My beginner friend loved it and said she couldn’t believe how hard she was working.  She’s planning on getting a pass so she can learn more.  At the end Scott played an instrument for the relaxation (I’m sorry I did not know what instrument it was, I need to brush up on my musical instruments, but it sounded like an Oboe, or Clarinet, or maybe a Saxophone).  I LOVED it!  Another thing I think is so great about yoga is how EVERYONE can do it.  Take Scott for example, he has obviously spent a significant part of his life devoting his time to learning an instrument (and I am sure other hobbies as well) but he still managed to become completely immersed in Yoga in order to become a teacher.

My overall Yoga experience can be expressed in a blog posting by the owner of Centered City Yoga, D’ana Baptiste.  And since she says it so well, I did not want to attempt to summarize.

“What if practicing yoga simply meant awakening within ourselves a lifestyle in which we are present for a variety of rich, beautiful, challenging, and peaceful experiences? What if yoga on the mat was simply a practice to grow and change and push the envelope OFF THE MAT?

“A yogic lifestyle should not hinder us in exploring all facets of both who we are, and what it means to be human. Yoga should heighten our senses on the mat so that we are ready OFF the mat to NOTICE opportunities to expand our own perception of what is possible; physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, energetically.

Yoga was never meant to be the ‘end-all.’ ”


Has anyone else noticed that a lot of yoga poses are a whole lot like breakdancing moves, or “posts”?  Uncanny!  If you’re good at one you’re likely to be good at the other.  Likewise, if you’re cruddy and one you’re likely to be cruddy at the other.  I, me, myself is a case in point.  No flexible.  No technique.  No bueno.  That was just some light hearted self-deprecation-I actually don’t believe if you’re poor at breakdancing you’ll be poor at yoga and vice versa.  A lot of the same techniques and forms and movements translate but, as far as I can tell, yoga begins and ends with the mind. Remember, it is your yoga practice.

And with that mindfulness comes what?  I believe, whatever the seeker is seeking.  While practicing at Centered City Yoga I’d been counseled several times by the instructors to visualize my intention; do I have a goal with coming to yoga class?  Some of these intentions may be to relax, get a great workout, work out stress or tension, etc.  Much of the time I wanted to focus so much that I became lost in the practice; or possibly, it was getting so lost in the practice that I found my focus.  Two wise statements come to mind:

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall find it (St. Luke 9:24).

In Tao the only motion is returning;

The only useful quality, weakness.

For though all creatures under heaven are the products of Being,

Being itself is the product of Not-being (Tao Te Ching, 40).

yoga_3Remember that each yoga practice begins with finding your breath.  And bowing and saying, “Namaste” concludes, like a benediction, each practice.  Namaste means something like: “The light or divinity in me honors the light or divinity in you.”  Yoga is not just a series of stretching and balance exercises, it is a helpful medium for understanding and honoring who we really are.  Enjoy your practice.  Namaste.

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  1. james permalink
    October 9, 2009 6:37 AM

    Holy shit noel thats impressive!!!

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