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June 1, 2009

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Plan-B develops and produces unique and socially-conscious theatre.  Plan-B’s work is a reflection of this community; therefore, their work IS this community.

Plan-B is one of only four fully professional theatre companies in this state.  They may be the smallest, but what they lack in size, they make up for in heart.  Heart as was displayed in Saturday’s “And The Banned Slammed On.”

Plan-B’s heart was never more on display than when Terry Wood, ex-news anchor for KTVX (channel 4), took the stage and read the commentary that resulted in him, and his wife, being fired.  Terry Wood took on the Bush Administration and Department of Energy by protesting “Divine Strake.”  For more information on Terry Wood, Divine Strake, or to view the commentary visit

“And The Banned Slammed On” featured five ten-minute plays from five Utah playwrights, each featuring three actors.  The catch: playwrights had to write a play from scratch in 24 hours, on a Utah topic from Obama sock-puppet, to smoking ban in bars from which they drew out of – get this – a dryer.

This entertaining, and refreshing fundraiser illustrates how badly we need Plan-B.  The acting company is asking for your help.  Support the arts by logging onto

Check out the line-up for Plan-B’s new season, and to purchase tickets to the 09’-10’ season log onto  Season tickets are only $87 bones.

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