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June 1, 2009

In honor of a big double-header, on Saturday, we are featuring some of the lovely derby girls as our Model Citizens.Brutal tube

Meet “Leave It To Cleavers” very own Brutal Strudel.

Brutal u

Read the rest of this story to view a brief Q&A with Strudel.

Volition Mag: How did you get involved with Roller Derby? (Thought Process).

Brutal Strudel: My boyfriend at the time traveled one weekend to Boise for work and stayed with a friend whose wife was, as it turned out, a derby girl. They went to her bout that weekend and within the first fifteen one of the girls had a compound fracture. He came home raving about how tough it was and I was immediately attracted. I googled “salt lake roller derby” and the rest is history.

VM: How long have you been with the Derby?

Brutal: I joined the league in October of last year. I’m one of the more rotten “fresh meat”.

VM: What do you do for a living? (do not need to mention company)

Brutal: I am the Executive Director of a very small nonprofit organization that helps families who have children with special needs. I spend most of my days working from home– grantwriting, planning fundraisers, managing staff and volunteers, etc. No one at work knows I’m a derby girl since its a very conservative place! Some days I feel like Jekyll and Hyde and other days I love having a secret life.

VM: What is your favorite part?

Brutal: The workout! And the amazing women surrounding me. Each derby girl has a story and each one has a plethora of interesting life experiences.

VM: What do you do to get amped for a game? (rituals)

Brutal: Well, this Saturday’s bout will be my first home game! I’ll probably vomit a few times from nerves. Really, I try not to look at the other team until the whistle blows so I don’t psych myself out. After getting beat by 100 points in Denver, however, I feel ready for anything.

VM: How long have you been skating?

Brutal: I only started skating a few weeks before tryouts. I never skated as a kid, don’t have any background skating. But when I put my mind to something, I am committed with my heart and soul. I had a long learning curve where I was constantly falling. But, I pushed myself and now I’m steady on my skates (most of the time). I even made it onto the all-star team!

VM: Education? Status?

Brutal: I had a scholarship to Westminster College but realized after a year that I wanted to go out-of-state. I transferred to the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated Summa cum Laude (top honors) after an excruciating year writing a 120 page feminist thesis. This fall I begin my masters degree at Emory University in global public health. If the stars align, I’ll be working for the United Nations when I finish.

VM: What are your favorite movies/music/books?

Brutal: My favorite movie is “Run Lola Run”. I hate blockbusters and rarely see them. I stay in the independent isle. On the other hand, I’m music illiterate. Wish I could rattle off a few indie bands that I follow but I’m just not that cool. As for books, I’ve got “Omnivores Delima” on my nightstand and before that “Freakonomics” might be the last book I finished.

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  1. Tim permalink
    June 1, 2009 5:19 PM

    With all sexism aside, I didn’t know that derby girls were that enticing, i’m definatly making my way out to the next game! Brutal Strudal is offically my new crush! (Insert cat call here)

  2. Bruce permalink
    June 1, 2009 10:13 PM

    I’ve seen a few bouts and derby girls are DEFINITELY enticing! All of them. I plan on being at this Saturday’s bout – I sure hope I can finish up here and make it back to SLC by Saturday.

  3. Kerensky97 permalink
    June 5, 2009 1:27 AM

    Sexism nothing, I recognize her as my old “High School Crush” and from the sounds of it she everything she was then. Stunningly beautiful, warm, caring, and brilliant. Man or woman, there are few better people to look to as a role model.

    Congrats on everything “Brutal Strudel”.

    • Brutal Strudel permalink
      June 5, 2009 5:47 AM

      Wow! I’m so flattered by these comments. Thank you for being so kind and gracious! We’ll try not to let you guys down during the game on Saturday. See you there!

      –Brutal Strudel

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