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The Dave Compton Quartet and Sat. May 23rd, The KlezBros!

May 19, 2009

Dave ComptonExcellence in the Community brought in Dave Compton to gather up his talented bones along with three other proficient musicians, Clive Romney, David Evanoff, and Matt Clayton.  They brought everything together at the Grand Theatre in Salt Lake City.  The quartet played a variety of songs:  Feet’s Too Big is hilarious!  Sunrise, a song that’s good for the heart, by Chet Atkins. Compton’s version of Sunrise may calm, relax, and lull you into a very pleasant meditative state; enlightening.  Compton, a versatile musician oscillated from jamming on the piano or going to town on the harmonica, guitar, and even whistling.

Compton and the crew also brought together a superb version of Love the One You’re With.  Mixed into the covers were original songs by Compton such as And in the End: “Love is the Heartbeat of the Universe,” the finale in which he incorporated the crowd into the show.  We were all singing, swaying, and clapping.

As a cherry on top, Compton brought in swing dancers from to dazzle the crowd as they got to steppin’ to the livelier tunes.

klezbrosThe next Excellence in the Community concert is Saturday May 23rd at the Grand Theatre in Salt Lake City. Next week we close our 2008/2009 season with a flourish and a bang. The KlezBros. David Asman on clarinet, Steve Keen on accordion, Kate MacLeod on fiddle and Kateri vocals and dance. The textures and rhythms will be authentic and international: Eastern European Jewish folk music with a Gypsy singer and dance.  Don’t miss it!

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  1. Terry Buchanan permalink
    February 1, 2011 1:41 AM

    fond musical memories from “Room at the Top” in the mid-late 80’s. You graciously handed me the mike to sing one or two songs. I miss my times in SLC and an evening of entertainment from you.. Hope all is well in your world.

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