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Salt City Derby Girls; Bomber Babes vs. Sister of No Mercy

May 10, 2009

sequence derby2A gentle push from Phatal Pheromone sends Alexa Rough into a suicide roll!  Awesome!!  (Sequence by Chad Phillips)

Sisters of No Mercy steam-rolled the Bomber Babes on Saturday, May 9th, at the Salt Palace.  The Bomber Babes were trying to avoid a blow-out after allowing the first few minutes to get away from them, but the Sisters of No Mercy lived up to their name and showed, absolutely, no mercy.

The final score would infer that the Sisters had an “easy” win, but as the image above illustrates, nothing is easy when Phatal Pheromone is on the track.  That woman is a force to be reckoned with.  If a skater so much as nudges Phatal, she slightly tilts her head, eyeballs the skater, makes a mental note, and when given the oppurtunity she risks personal injury to huck herself into that person, and get payback.

Nos, a Bomber Babe, put on a dazzling display of her skating skills by juking in-and-out of the Sisters, often embarrassing a would-be blocker preparing to send her on her arse.

Beracooter and the Sisters proved too tough for even Nos and Phatal.  Fantastic match!

sisters team photoThe Victors; Sisters of No Mercy

bomber babes team photoThe Bomber Babes still looking beautiful after a rough match.

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