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THE FRONT climbing gym: Dear Diary Week Duece

April 24, 2009

koons-huckThis should be on a Motivational Poster “Reach Higher,” or “Go For the Gold!”

Dear Diary,

Into the second week I started to get into a simple routine each time: climb until I exhaustion zaps all the dexterity out of my hands and it feels like I’m carrying bricks around … and then do some chin-ups in the gym.

I’ve started to really look forward to climbing at The Front.  I hit the Trax on Main St. and head to 1300 S, get off and walk the 3 blocks to the gym.  The other day Sandy, The Front’s manager, said I looked “intense” when I walked in.  I took it like he was saying I don’t look relaxed; I look stressed.  Truth is I was a bit stressed.

The “man” was getting me down.  But the good thing about climbing, and about most exercise for that matter, is it’s cathartic.  It reroutes one’s focus from the stress of the day and the “man” to a personal challenge to climb this wall, to wrap your head around this problem, to push your muscles through the fatigue and pain, and reach that summit.

The Front says, “Our community programs inspire healthy lifestyles.”  Yes!  True!  Climbing at The Front is pretty interesting because it’s not a team sport yet there’s a big social aspect to it all.  People encourage you or ask you questions about the route you just took up the wall.  Some people just chat a lot more than they climb.  It’s like a community.  I like it.

Okay back to me.  I’m improving and feeling stronger and more comfortable on the wall…uh but not so much.  I still stick to the yellow problems (the easiest ones) because the next level up are too much for me.  I can get it going but can’t get all the way to finish.  Perhaps with a bit more strength, a bit more confidence, a bit more ability.  I’ll bend my mind to the task, huck my body at the wall, look up and hope my body follows.

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