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Derby Girls: Death Dealers pulled the pin on the Bomber Babes

April 19, 2009


Death Dealers steam-rolled the Bomber Babes 176-69 in the Salt City Derby Girls sensational second match of the season, at the Salt Palace.

The Death Dealer’s Moonraker, single handedly, dealt the Bomber Babes’ death by impressively scoring 41 points in two jams.

The Bomber Babes may have been heavily out-scored, but these ladies have a lot to be optimistic about.  Stacked with rookies, this team may lack experience but they displayed a tremendous amount of heart and gave the fans more than their money’s worth by playing every second like that jam would decide the match.


Most notably, Phatal Pheromone tirelessly sacrificed her body on every play; she was quick, hard-hitting, and at one point she superman-ed it over a Death Dealer into a face plant.  If the Bomber Babes hitch their wagon to Phatal Pheromone, and Nos, they will have a fantastic season.

The Death Dealer’s, on the other-hand, made their victory look effortless.  Smack and Deck Her, Wanton Rebellion, and Moonraker put on an excellent display of speed and skating ability.  I am already looking forward to their meeting against the Leave it to Cleavers on August 15.

Mark your calendar:

May 2: the Salt City Shakers (Salt City Derby Girls All-star team) vs. Junction City Roller Dolls

May 9: Sisters of No Mercy vs. Bomber Babes

Tickets are $10 bones in advance and $15 bones at the door.  Derby is held at the Salt Palace, which now looks like a Wendover Casino.  The Derby is the perfect way to start of your night of unruliness.


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