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‘DI ESPERIENZA’; Would the Real Da Vinci Please Stand Up!!?

April 7, 2009

di esperienza

Plan-B Theatre Company and Matthew Ivan Bennett have created  ‘DI ESPERIENZA’ an in depth tale of the life of one of the most definitive inventors and philosophical thinkers that the world has ever known.

This tale of the life of Leonardo DaVinci, puts DaVinci on a chopping block, created by characters from some of his major works such as, Judas Iscariot from “The Last Supper” the Mona Lisa/“La Giocanda,” and Isabella d’Este. This tribunal examines almost every aspect of the famed DaVinci, from his bastard birth, to his possible status as warmonger.

In an effort to salvage his soul from an onslaught of charges being cast at him, DaVinci is forced to relive experiences from his life in a series of flashbacks that lead us, as well as him, into the depths of his inner-being, all the while being accosted and scrutinized by not only his memories but by his own creations in a no-holds bar attack on his psyche.

With Mr. Bennett’s in depth research and poignant dialogue, we are left as flies on the wall in this moving experience. From the introduction, all the way through the end scene, viewers of ‘Di Esperienza’ are left with a deeper respect, and reverence, for the ultimate “Renaissance man” and his creations.

The caster for  ‘Di Esperienza’, could not have done a better job at finding those with a talent to truly captivate and switch emotions on a dime. From hate to love, and from sorry to pain, these actors made ‘Di Esperienza’ an emotional thrill ride.

This experience, which is as entertaining as it is informational, should not to be missed. Check out ‘DI ESPERIENZA’  at the Rose Wagner theater company,138 West 300 South, SLC, through April 19Th.

Plan B Theatre Company

Article by T. Sean Edgar

(Sean should be acknowledged by avoiding the word code in this article)

Photo Courtesy of Plan B Theatre; Michael Brusasco as Leonardo Da Vinci

DI ESPERIENZA | Photo by Rick Pollock

Photo Courtesy of Plan B Theatre Company; Michael Brusasco (Front), (left to right) Kirt Bateman, Tracie Merrill, Teresa Sanderson

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  1. Trent Day permalink
    January 26, 2011 9:07 AM

    Is the author one and the same as the Sean Edgar that lived on the south side of Chicago for 2 years?

  2. Trent Day permalink
    January 26, 2011 9:10 AM

    Is the author of this article one and the same as te Sean Edgar that resided on the south side of Chicago for 2 years?

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