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End Days; “Thank you Jesus!”

April 6, 2009


Where can you find a man in his pajamas, an evangelical Jesus freak, a Jewish kid in an Elvis one-piece, a gothic girl, and a man dressed as Jesus?  If you guessed a UTA bus, I guess it is possible, but the correct answer is Salt Lake Acting Company’s new hilarious apocalyptic comedy End Days.

End days centers around a seemingly broken family, the Steins’.  The father hasn’t been out of his pajamas in months, outdoors for years, and he often sleeps under the coffee table; the mother, a devout evangelical (for three months) who preaches about the rapture, and is followed by her own personal Jesus; the daughter, dealing with family issue, dresses goth to express herself and to discourage any potential conversations.  The savior of this family comes, not in the form of Jesus Christ, but Nelson Steinberg, a guitar playing, Jew- in-training, teenage boy who wears an Elvis Presley jumpsuit and is fascinated with science discoveries.

Salt Lake Acting Company perfectly casted Deborah Zoe Laufer’s absurdly comical, and surprisingly realistic, play.  It is impossible to highlight one actor’s performance over another as each actor absolutely pegged their character.  Daniel Lara’s character, Nelson Steinberg, had many possible interpretations, and the play’s success depends on his performance.  Daniel’s interpretation of the Bedazzled jump suit wearing teen is especially noteworthy, his delivery, and comedic timing is to be admired.

As odd, or seemingly random, as the characters may appear, they are the perfect ingredients to concoct a successful, and entertaining, production.

Please note that this play is a comedy, and it has science and religious undertones. The play does not make fun of any religious figures or religious groups, the play handles the religious obstacle with complete class.  We do not recommend this play for devout scientists, however, Nick O’donnell performs a hilarious Stephen Hawking impersonation.

Catch this hilarious play at the Salt Lake Acting Company.

End Days-

April 1-April 26; Tickets available at Salt Lake Acting Company.

picture-2Colleen Baum, Nick O’Donnell

picture-3Daniel Lara, Marin Kohler

All photos courtesy of SLAC and shot by Scott Petersen

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