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Celtic Harpistry is Excellence in the Community’s Lucky Charm; St. Paddies Day Celebration

March 20, 2009

Cynthia Douglass is an extremely talented and experienced musician who delivered a phenomenal performance on March 17th, which was part of the Excellence in the Community Concert Series. Her aptitude for the harp with an angelic array of hand movements can easily be as pleasant to the eyes as it is to the ears.


Accompanied by such talented artists as David Tomer on the fiddle, Jarom Xochimitl on the cello, Paul Mitchell on the hammered dulcimer, and Juliana Boulter on the keyboard comprised a soothing tapestry of Irish splendor. The effort and professionalism of this “motley” group is manifest in the luxury and execution of their music.

I don’t think I could have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day any better, even if I was drunk on green beer at a U2 concert. Meghan Kwan Smith danced to many of the songs which was a performance that matched the quality of the music. The rich historical context to most of these songs gave an added measure of depth and insight to each song. The green rolling green hills seemed to form behind the musicians as the fog swelled at their ankles.

The Claddagh Irish Dance Company performed before Celtic Harpistry as well as during some of the delightful toe-tapping songs. Their award winning dancing was quite entertaining to watch. David Tomer also portrayed his lustrous talent in dancing. He would put his fiddle down just long enough to dance to the jig; a brilliant performer and musician. The Celtic Harpistry announced the change of their name to Waking Erin or “Éirinn,” which is another word for Ireland.

Article by Dayton Koons

Be sure to check out Excellence in the Community’s next production as they truly put on a fantastic show.

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