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Dear Journal: I Am A Breakdancer (Week 4)

February 15, 2009

Week 4 (final week):


Instructor Bobby showcasing intermediate breakdancing techniques.  He gets so much torque on these windmills we practically have to peel him off the ceiling.

Read the rest of the story to read our final breakdancing diary entries.




We need to thank DF Latin Dance Studio for inviting us down to experience a session of breakdancing.  I honestly didn’t think I would have as much fun as I did.  The DF staff is ultra-nice and provided a challenging and relaxed learning atmosphere.  Our instructor, Bobby, was especially terrific.

The true test is “would you do it again?” Was Joey Lawrence snubbed by never having won an Emmy for his work on “Blossom?”  The answer is “whoa”…or yes, just in case their is an anomaly and somebody didn’t like Joey.  Considering they teach a four week session for $40.00, which consists of one hour, one day a week (the cost breaks down to $10.00 a lesson for those who are products of the Utah public school system and suck at math), I absolutely would, and will, do it again.

A word to the wise … breakdancing is addicting.  In addition, be prepared to work-out; you will leave class with sore arms, wrists, and legs, more importantly you will leave with breakdancing knowledge and a drive to improve.

In four weeks we learned the six-step, four-step, 12-step, seven-step, three forms of top-rocking, capital letters, piking (a form of capital letters), roll back to headstand, post, two baby posts, post to handstand, and the pretzel.

Stay tuned for a breakdancing video from Volition Mag to showcase our skillz.  We are talking high production value; think Footloose meets Kriss Kross.


BLAM!!! Noel laying down a post.

BLAM!!! Noel laying down a post.

Started off like any other week; stretching and hands stands.  I love that warm-up.  We had a refresher from last week-7 Step, 12 Step, Baby Posts.

Moving on, Bobby showed us a kind of tweaked Capital Letter called The Pike.  Go up like half of a one-handed cartwheel, twist your body open toward the sky while keeping that hand planted on the ground and that arm straight and strong, kick your legs up like you’re kicking yourself in the face with both feet, and use that oscillating inertia to hop back on your feet.  This is a tough one but looks so rad.  It helps a lot with balance to have someone support you by clasping the hand that you’re not planting on the ground.

The next exercise was a back roll into a head-stand.  Get the padded mats out for this one.  It’s basically a Peanut Roll but toward the end before you roll over, you kick your legs up, plant your hands, and roll onto your head…oh and don’t forget to balance.  Balance was my biggest problem. You just gotta huck and hope you didn’t huck too hard or not hard enough.  Again it comes down to practicing.  Body control, balance, and strength really boost you’re your breakdancing ability.

We practiced The Pretzel Step a bit and barely got into the Coffee Grinder before time was up.  Time does fly.  Seems like we barely started the breakdancing class. Now the 4 weeks is up.  I learned a learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and met some really cool people.  I’ve been recommending this class to tons of people.  It seriously is so rad.  Bobby is a terrific teacher.  He really knows what he’s doing.  I’d love to just jump back into another class session but time constraints ya know?  I’ll be back to class soon though.  In the meantime, I gotta practice.

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