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Dear Journal: I will be a breakdancing fool … thanks to DF Latin Dance Studio

February 3, 2009

dancedance1Week 3:



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OK, OK, so this is two of the footwork moves we learned in week three.  Start out with the seven step, which is like a combo of the basic six-step and last weeks move of the four-step.  From there I go into the second move we learned, the 12-step, which looks better the faster you go and the more you shift your hips, or so I am told.  I still need to practice these moves.

We also learned some more posts, which Noel just picks up on … I don’t get it.   I must have limp wrists, I can do it but I whimper like a  baby and you can see the gears turning in my head trying to control my flailing lower extremities.

Bobby, our instructor, stayed after class and gave us a walk through on things that we couldn’t quite grasp, such as how to go from a top-rock, which is a basic dance move you do in between moves so you don’t just stand there and set up your next move, into a footwork move.   I still need to practice that because again, I have no rhythm.  In class we started a showcase circle or something like that and we all clapped to the beat while kids busted moves, the group would ‘clap’ then a quarter second I would ‘clap,’  I would ‘clap, ‘ then the group would ‘clap.’  I am whiter than Weird Al Jankovic … Yuck!


Dear Diary,

This week things seemed to get more fluid.  Yes we’re learning new Posts (Baby Post) and more footwork (7-Step and 12-Step) but Bobby is really encouraging us to incorporate a 4-Step into the mix of a 12-Step and then into a 6-Step.  Mix it up, practice, get comfortable, look good, break it!
Things are coming along alright I just have to practice more.  Doing the Posts really puts some pressure on my wrists so I need to do more push-ups to get more strength in that area.  Other than that, with the Posts, it just seems like a balance and practice thing.  Funny thing about the Posts is we were doing those in class on Monday then I went to yoga class tuesday and was doing precisely the same thing.  Seriously.  It’s called something like Parsva Bakasana (Crane Pose).  Funny.


So with all the practicing and get footwork down and Posts, Bobby decided to finish off class with a dance circle.  The whole class got in a circle, clapped to the beat of the music playing, and whoever was feeling it jumped into the middle and showed their skills.  It was cool seeing the support everyone gave for whoever jumped in.  Some were experts, others still rookies but it was still a great time.  The dance circle really boosted the camaraderie within the class.  Next class is #4 and the last.  Sad.  But in the meantime, I gotta practice!

dance2DF Latin Dance Studio

(801) 557-3648

346 South 500 East, Suite 200 C SLC, UT 84102

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