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Dear Journal: I want to be a breakdancer … fo’ sho’!!

January 24, 2009

DF Latin Dance Studio was kind enough to invite us to check out one of their classes.  They gave us the option to pick one of the many classes they teach; ballroom, salsa, hip-hop, belly dancing or breakdancing.  We asked ourselves the age-old mantra, WWWSD?  “What Would Will Smith Do?”  The Fresh Prince would break yo’ face.

Our Goal:  Go from broken to breaker in 4 weeks; how good can we get?  Keep checking back for progress reports.

Week 2:  This video was shot like 5 minutes after week 2.  Whew!!! Exhausting, and mad fun!!

Bobby; the instructor - Photo By Chad Phillips

Bobby; the instructor - Photo By Chad Phillips

Week 2:


Dear Journal:  In my second week as “B-Boi the Extraordinaire” I have realized that breakdancing requires endurance, strength, coordination and memory; it is as much intellect as it is physical. I equate breakdancing to the popular hand-held games like “Bop-it” and “Simon,” except instead of hitting color buttons or twisting a knob you’re memorizing kicks, twists, hand plants, hooks, and pivots in sequential order, all while trying not to look as dumb as the kid sitting next to you.

Read the rest of this story for previous journal entries and see pictures of how we progress.

Of all the challenges breakdancing offers, my biggest challenge in my mind’s ability to believe I can accomplish these difficult tasks.  The instructor will bust our a one-armed post, which is where one arm supports the entire body, while you levitate like Superman, I automatically dismiss it with a “yeah right! No way in Hell!”  Then he teaches some easier moves that will guide us to that ultimate goal, at that point, I am still not a believer.  Not until one of my buddies attempts it and gets close, then my mind begins to tear down that wall.

This week flipped a switch, not like I it all connected and I am now ready to appear in that Kriss Kross video, but I enjoyed learning all the new moves and incorporating the old ones.  I am anticipating signing up for the next class.  The instructions are fantastic and the instructor breaks down the move so well and gives everyone some one-on-one, more for those who are struggling with a certain move, and a “good” for those who are clicking.


Once again I wasn’t disappointed when I got to class.  If breakdancing is a cold swimming pool, which it isn’t, but if it was, we don’t slowly get in one toe at a time and then one foot at a time and one arm at a time.  In this class we run and jump headfirst…and land on our hands.  Handstands.  Walk across the room.  If you fall, get up and do a “Capital Letter.”  Now do it again.  Whew!  Am I sweating within the first 2 minutes of class?  I need a more absorbent headband.

After a review from last week, Bobby showed us the “4-Step,” first in regular motion, which was a blur, and then in slow-mo.  Starting slower than slow-mo I was able to catch on.  This one you start out in the push-up position with your rear high in the air and 1) kick your right leg far out to the left, 2) now kick your left out there while bringing your right back under you, 3) Curl your left around your right, 4) and, in one motion, twist left and pop back into that push-up.  Done right, you’ll have done a 180.  The real brain buster was combining the “4-Step” with the “6-Step” that we learned last week.  “4-Step,” “6-Step,” back-and-forth, back-and-forth.  Repetition is a law of learning but I need some water.  This is a rad combo and, when done smoothly, looks really cool and has a nice flow to it.

We also worked on some footwork.  A move to do while standing-The “kick-ball switch.”  Funny how I have to point out that it’s a standing move, isn’t it?  Breakdancing is so rad!

The last one of the night was “the post.”  This one takes a little strength and a lot of technique.  It’s basically where you get one arm under you to hold yourself up while putting the other arm on the floor for balance.  There are a few variations to this one such as, when you balance on your arm and ear.  Okay you get in the post except you put your ear on the floor, bend your knees while your legs are in the air, tweek it if you can, or walk your legs over and rest your right leg on your left triceps.  Keep your left leg up.  Bobby was showing us how to get from here to a headstand.  Not easy.  I was trying it and could make the transition but I have a feeling my form wasn’t all that pristine.  Rad move though.  Yoga really helped me out with “the post” and the different variations.  So instead of focusing on some heavy beat to get me amped for it, I was chanting, “Om,” and harnessing my Chi.  It helped.  Seriously.

I gotta practice and bend my mind for next week’s class.  “Oooom.”

I would like to be better than Ricky Schroeder from TV’s Silver Spoon; kid had mad skillz, yo!

Week 1:


Alright! Finally!  I can begin my journey to be a B-Boy in a Kriss Kross music video.  What?  Kriss Kross is over! Done!  I will settle for being a street performer.  If I become homeless, I just want to know I can self-sustain my self by breakdancing, I figure I just need to make enough for a six-inch sub every day.

The atmosphere in class was chill, whilst challenging.  The instructor pushes you but knows your limitations; it is obvious, like anything else in life, I will be as good the time and effort I put into it.

If I learned one thing about myself from my first class is that I can’t do a hand-stand worth shit; I would say I have no rhythm but I already knew that.  This was definitely worth the price of admission, time flew by, and I wanted to stick around and watch the instructor do the windmill.  Note: your legs will get a work out with the six-step.

Cody - the assist to Noel

Cody - the assist to Noel

I have witnessed few miracles in my life, this was certainly one of them.  Cody, week 1, capital letter.  WOW!

I have witnessed few miracles in my life, this was certainly one of them. Cody, week 1, capital letter. WOW!


Admittedly, my expectations for this breakdancing class were pretty low.  How much breakdancing can you learn in four one-hour classes?  In my mind I figured, ‘almost none.’  With that mentality I walked into class.  “You’re here for the breakdancing?”  “Yup.”  “Alright, line up, we’re going to start off doing hand-stands.”  Whoa!  In the first minute this class has exceeded my expectations.  Here I though we were going to start off with like toe-taps or knee-pats or something like that.  Handstands!  I took off my jacket, got in line, and started going for it.  Nice warm-up.

Next, our teacher, Bobby, got us going with something more technical, the 6-Step.  Start off in a push-up position with your butt high in the air and (1) kick your right leg under you and far to the left, (2) plant it and swing your left leg around in front of you, (3) match it with your right so you’re squatting now, (4) hook your left around right, (5) bring your right back to original push up, (6) then your left.  6-Step.  It was pretty choppy trying that at first but practicing more and more it became more and more fluid-as it should be.  Still a long way off but I’ve got a foundation.

Noel laying down the six step; Cody busting out the LL Cool J

Noel laying down the six step; Cody busting out the LL Cool J

“Capital Letter,” this is one to impress.  Have your feet point slightly to the right, lean right, put your right hand close to the ground, hop onto your right hand, balance, and try to kick yourself in the face with your left foot.  Doing this a few times was pretty rad.  I got better and better until I was spent-not enough strength to do the “Capital Letter” a couple dozen times.  Whew!

Last exercise of the day was a dance step called the “Top Rock”; kick the right forward hop with the left, step out with the left.  Same with the right side.  Breakdancing is a formidable art but, as I learned, really fun and not that hard to get into.  I have to practice what I’ve learned and get ready for next week.  What’s next?!

We have to give a huge thanks to DF Latin Dance Studio and our extremely talented instructor, Bobby, they run a fun and challenging studio.  We walked by the Salsa dance class everyone felt comfortable and was having a blast.  Be sure to drop in and check it out.

Classes run in 4 week intervals and cost $40.00 (This is a steal)

Located at: 346 South 500 Eeast, Suite 200 C SLC, UT 84102.

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  1. June 4, 2009 4:13 AM

    Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . 🙂

  2. August 30, 2009 5:36 PM

    How did it cost to start up this blog…I want to start my own.

    • volitionmag permalink*
      August 30, 2009 9:52 PM

      You can start one for free. I use because it is so easy.

      If you don’t want the name to be “name” it can cost a little bit of money. Fore example, I bought a domain through for like ten bucks, started a blog for free from, then did what wordpress calls “mapping”, for ten bucks, now my domain name is

      If you start one let me know so I can check it out. If you need help let me know.

  3. January 14, 2010 9:24 AM

    I loved that your teacher started the beginner class with HANDSTANDS, what a riot 😀

    You’ll be able to do 90’s in no time:

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