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“This is the Place” National Park’s “Candlelight Christmas” Will Set Your Holiday On Fire,

December 21, 2008

How is that for a headline … high-five!

Happy Christmas!!! Yep, apparently, that is how the first Mormon settlers would have wished you a happy holiday, since Merry Christmas would have meant have a drunken Christmas.

You will learn this, and other facts, as you talk to the Utah settlers while walking up-and-down Heritage Park.  Enjoy creating crafts, watching puppet shows, listening to stories and drinking apple cider while chatting up Brigham Young, himself.  I was most surprised at his charming young British servant who looks and talks like he fell out of a Charles Dickens novel, not too mention he introduces you to a chimney sweep who, in turn, introduces you to Santa Claus.

Candlelight Christmas is excellent for the family, kids of all ages and any date.  Enjoy an intellectually stimulating nights while enjoying the sights, sounds and experiences of a Christmas in the 1800’s.

It is inexpensive, educational, and a refreshing style of holiday entertainment.  Visit for more information.  GO NOW!!!!

brigham-and-servantCheck out that delightful young character…cider is delicious!



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