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It’s a Wonderous Life

December 16, 2008

It’s a Wonderous Life, a comical, lighthearted parody play put on by the Off Broadway Theatre (OBT) was a pleasant Christmas delight.  The spin-off play from the It’s a Wonderful Life story was one that I would say anyone would enjoy.  If sitting through dramatic, long plays is not your thing then I would really suggest going to catch this one.  The humor was funny and much of it was very dry but amusing.  The OBT is pretty interactive with the audience.  Uncle Billy played by Mike Brown and Clarissa (the angle) played by Jillene Stark do most of the interacting.  What I really liked was some of the improv, unscripted humor by Uncle Billy. He’s hilarious!

However, what I and the group that came with me thought was the funniest thing about the play was the character George Bailey played by Clarence Strohn.  That guy cracked me up!  He did a great acting job and all but it’s the ridiculous accent of Mr. Bailey and the look of Clarence that was the real crack up.  “Bravo!” to him I’d say.  Really it’s a well acted play all around.  I enjoyed that it was a shorter play and very relaxed.  It’s a good change of pace from the stuffy long Capitol Theater plays. So if that sounds like something that suits you, check it out and have a good laugh.

Merry Christmas!

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