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Blank Snowboards … Function before Fashion

December 4, 2008

Transworld  Snowboard Magazine has more advertisements than Times Square, not to mention, you have a better chance finding a snowboard article in Better Homes and Garden.  When did this happen, how did it happen, and who the Hell let it happen?

If snowboarding were a stock, it would be plummeting right now.  They have flooded the market with it; the movies, the advertisements, the superstar status, and the awful Sunday morning NBC coverage (who knew analyzing snowboarding like golf could make it boring).  This commercialization is making “the man” wealthy, but at what cost?  Remember Urkel?  Dude was funny until everyone had an Urkel lunchbox and an Urkel pull string doll, “did I do that?”

Blank Snowboards is trying to reverse all that.

Brandon Bybee; co-owner of Blank Snowboards

Brandon Bybee; co-owner of Blank Snowboards

Instead of advertising a logo, or board graphic … Blank has reduced themselves to creating the best product on the market?  Think about it, if they don’t advertise a logo or board graphic, you don’t pay for that advertisement or board graphic.  They don’t use any fancy packaging, they don’t sponsor any “superstars,” and they don’t expect you to pay for it.  The result: a beautiful product at crazy prices.

Blank Snowboards began when a curious man, Rob Foye, asked a simple question, “boards cannot cost that much?” They don’t; finding out if quality boards cost that much proved more difficult.  After several manufacturers, a myriad of moldings, countless test rides and a genius business plan, Foye’s curiosity has proven that they don’t cost that much anymore, at least not through

Foye’s project attracted business partners like Benson miller, who manages the budget and keeps the boards at a bargain, and professional riders Brandon Bybee and Jason Murphy became partners after they tested and perfected the boards.

Blank Snowboards is heating as all great ideas do, by word of mouth, help it catch fire.  Blank Snowboards is a Utah product and can be fetched for around $200, which is $180 to $300 less than those featured in expensive ads with overpriced riders.

Murphy; co-owner of Blank Snowboards

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  1. D Gifford permalink
    December 5, 2008 3:10 PM

    These boards are sick, Ive seen them and I can tell you that they are built solid and the possibility of having an all black board, i can finally wear my black ninja mask, my black coats and pants and be the unknown viper on the mountain.

  2. Jesse permalink
    December 22, 2009 4:38 PM

    tom sims did reverse corkscrews in the seventies,, haha,, nice going murphy how did you know JOn Keddington, or Kirill?

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