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Six Years; “Unbelievably Timely”

November 20, 2008

“God,” Phil pleaded on his knees, “you f**king cocksucker!”  Whoa!!!  My head almost snapped when I was looking for the lightning bolt to strike through the roof of the Salt Lake Acting Company’s ceiling during Sharr White’s “Six Years.”

picture-7“Six Years” is oddly realistic for a play, which follows the relationship of a gorgeous lady, Meredith (Alexandra Harbold), and her “fella,” a WWII veteran named Phil (Robert Scott Smith), who returns with “exhaustion” and describes himself as broken.

Robert Scott Smith was outstanding in his multi-faceted portrayal of his character, Phil, who, believably, evolved in virtually every scene. If the man doesn’t have muli-personalities, he will after the play’s final curtain call.

Alexandra Harbold was so incredibly stunning you almost didn’t notice how fantastic her vintage wardrobe looked.  She was anything but stereotypical for the time; she was Mrs. Cleaver, only powerful, beautiful, emotional, and not a robot.

Put these two in a relationship and you don’t get a rollercoaster, you get a schizophrenic in a bumper car.  Emotionally, they go all over the radar as the play follows them through the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.


In the second scene they enter their living room with some friends (the ensemble cast have small but powerful parts) and Phil is off-the-wall obsessive compulsive about his Brazilian Jazz records.  People are dancing, chatting and laughing; Phil explodes in a rage, seemingly from nowhere, “why even play the God damned records if no one is even going to listen!!”  It gave me chills as I had flashbacks of my childhood.

picture-5Bottom line:  This charming company provides a fun atmosphere, interesting content and a fabulous performance.  Can’t beat the price especially when they give you a child’s discount; 30 and under is $18; Student $13; Single $32-23 depending on the night.  Support the arts!!!

Article by Chad Phillips; Photos courtesy of Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC)

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