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Big Band puts on Big Bang!

November 20, 2008

Excellence in the Community Concert Series has been putting on quality musical performances for nearly three years.  Last Saturday November 15th was no exception.

Excellence in the Community brought together The Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra for a night of Big Band and Swing.  It wasn’t rock but it was rockin’!  These guys-mostly seasoned veterans and experts when it comes to jamming jazz-brought together a toe-tappin’ ensemble that boasted improv piano, guitar, trumpet, sax, clarinet, and bass solos.

I know what you’re thinking:  “That’s all well and good but does it got soul?”  My friend, if you feel the music just as much as you hear it then I say, ‘It’s got soul!’  And not only were these guys playing it but they were feeling.  And the crowd was not only hearing it, but we were feeling it too.  These guys can play, they make it fun, and these eminent Utah jazz musicians “got soul.”
(The Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra)

Excellence in the Community Concert Series puts on quality performances every month.  Jeff Whitely, the founder, told me the Excellence in the Community Concert Series’ main premise is, “In Utah we don’t have celebrity: but we do have excellence. Come and see.”  Their Christmas concert Lark & Spur is coming up December 6th.  Find out more at .
(Lark & Spur)

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