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8-year-old boy killed at gun club; long-time member “shocked.” Shocked? … Really?

October 28, 2008

An 8-year-old boy was killed while, get this, firing an Uzi submachine gun under supervised care at a fair.

First, I agree.  It is sad and disgusting situation.  Second, a long-time member, Francis Mitchell, of the gun club was “shocked” that it happened since they have not had an incident in five years.  That was reported in this article by, they have since altered the article and replaced the “shocked” paragraph with a paragraph about how it is legal for children to fire a weapon with the consent of a parent.

Shocked? …  Really?  Huh?  You give an 8-year-old boy an Uzi and you are “shocked” he killed himself.  I am sorry but that makes me think, if he is surprised that happened and was a member of the club, how intelligent was the person supervising?

The boy was shooting an Uzi with some carnie supervising and his dad was next to him.  The gun kicked back as he shot and it turned around on him and shot the boy in the head.  They are calling the wound a “self-inflicted accidental shooting.”

The police must be as dumb as the f—ing idiot dad and carnie.  Try murder!!!  That father, who no doubt is feeling pain, deserves to feel the, unconventional, pain of the business end of an Uzi.


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