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Haunted Forest; American Fork Ut

October 13, 2008

With the sounds of screams, chainsaws, and…wait, what was that sound?!  The Haunted Forest isn’t like a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon nature walk through the trees.  If scaring people is a science then The Haunted Forest has a very solid working theory.  In The Forest your heartbeat is much faster than normal.  The air is cold yet you’re sweating.  Sometimes along the trail you’re left feeling nervous, other times afraid, still other times startled and trembling, and sometimes you just get the BEGEEBIES scared out of you!

From the moment you enter The Forest you don’t feel like you’re in American Fork anymore.  You’re in a place where your most morbid fears are no longer fiction, they’re around the next bend, and you know something is lurking in the shadows, stalking you.

The elaborate theatrical décor brought The Forest to life.  Whether you were walking through an abandoned mine or making your way across a narrow ledge with, what looks like, a sheer, never-ending drop into nothingness, the setup is very convincing.

My advice for those planning on The Haunted Forest is:

1.    Dress warm.  Walking through The Forest takes some time, it’s outdoors and October nights in Utah can get mighty chilly.

2.    Wear an older pair of shoes.  The trail is made of dirt and sometimes that dirt becomes mud.  Nothing too serious but serious enough to grab an old pair of sneakers.

3.    If you can, give yourself space between your group and the ones around you.  Few things are more of a downer at a haunted house than being around some guys who can’t shut up about how scared they are not.

Overall, The Haunted Forest is a frightening time.  Happy Halloween!

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  1. March 3, 2009 10:46 PM

    u are f-ing scarry that is so f-ing cool u should start to kill people jk jk but that is f-ing awsome

  2. August 27, 2010 5:52 PM

    Thanks for your review! I love the haunted forest myself and have spent a lot of time there. I am hoping to maybe get a job working there sometime when I am old enough, but man each year they come out with more and more things to scare you and it is always fun to see the new parts of their show. It is awesome! Everyone should take a chance to go!

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