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Lance Armstrong “Schmance Shmarmstrong.”

September 11, 2008

The predictable return of Lance Armstrong to the Tour de France inspired me to dig up the best ten-speed movie of all-time.

To be honest, ten-speed movies are usually not my favorite genre.  I  tend to watch Epic’s, Comedies, Action or even Dramas.  I rarely watch ten-speed movies.  I even thought about finding the best bicycle movie of all-time but “Rad” is the clear choice here.  If I break it down to ten-speed movies “Quicksilver” takes the cake, especially if it is a ten-speed movie about a down-and-out stock broker who lost his families life-savings because he was overly confident in his abilities.

What do all failed stock brokers do?  Yep, it is so cliche it’s almost not worth mentioning, they become bicycle messengers.  This is a recipe for the greatest ten-speed movie of all-time.  Kevin Bacon, a year after dancing in Footloose, loses a bike race, through New York City, to a young Lawrence Fishburn.

Unfortunately a Gypsy, yep a Gypsy, runs over Fishburn and instantly becomes Bacon’s mortal enemy.  I would hate to give a spoiler (kevinbaconracesacarthroughthecityandalmostdiesbutoutsmartsthegypsy) to a movie released 22 years ago so I will let you watch it for yourself.

Thank me later.

Article by Chad Phillips

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  1. October 6, 2008 3:47 PM


    This site is pretty cool. I saw your post on Ryan Wood’s facebook page and decided I would check it out. I enjoy your take on things. I find it interesting that you have a post on the movie “quicksilver,” my brother just told me that it is a must see for any bicyclist. (I am no bicyclist, but i do ride a bike daily.)

    The girls are kind to the eyes. Set me up.

    Rad truly rad


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